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About the Practice

Welcome to Long Island Bariatric PLLC where we specialize in creating dramatic, life-long transformations for patients who suffer from morbid obesity.

We understand that dramatic weight loss necessitates dramatic lifestyle changes, and that this can be a very intense, confusing, and frightening period in our patients’ lives. For this reason, we have implemented a comprehensive pre- and post-operative program to help our patients through their transformations. During this program, patients are counseled by our psychiatric nurse practitioner, who helps them through this highly emotional time in their lives. We also require that our patients undergo nutritional and exercise education so that they have the tools necessary to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Finally, our patients are encouraged to join our bariatric surgery support group. This is the perfect environment for patients to learn from each other and to support each other as they embark together on a journey to a healthy new life.

We offer a complete spectrum of bariatric procedures suited for the individual patient. Fellowship trained Dr. Paayal Mehta has performed over 2000 bariatric procedures and is committed to making your journey as easy and comfortable as possible. We are a full service bariatric center of excellence serving our surrounding communities as well as patients who come to us from far. We strive to provide the best Bariatric care possible for each and every patient.

At Long Island Bariatric PLLC it is our goal to provide unparalleled care to our patients, from personalized medical attention, to thorough patient education, to a lifetime of support and encouragement.

NY Communities Served

  • Suffolk County
  • Nassau County
  • All of Long Island and beyond
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